Manoucher Yektai

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Selected Exhibitions


Selected Collections

SFMOMA, San Francisco
Hirshhorn Museum And Sculpture Garden, Washington DC
MOMA, New York
Guild Hall, East Hampton NY
Poindexrter Collection, Montana Historical Society & Yellowstone Museum of Art
Gloria Vanderbilt Collection


The websites of Manoucher Yektai's sons:
Nico Yektai, who makes sculptural furniture
Darius Yektai who is a painter and sculptor

Selected Reviews

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Art Digest June 1952
"Yektai is a young Persian artist who has studied with Lhote, Souverbie and Ozenfant, and who now makes a most promising debut... The experience these paintings afford is not only one of color and texture. there is a vast scale- a rational scheme- Yektai's ideal of how "things should be." "J.F.
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Arts magazine February 1959
"From his work in Positano and more recently in several large city landscapes drawn from an excavation in his neighborhood he has uncovered a vein of lyrical Expressionism. One particularly handsome scene from Positano with a quivering opulent pinkish mass, more decorous than it seems, brings Soutine up to date." S.T
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Arts magazine February 1960
"His style, overrun by thick, torrential impastos as elegant as they are volatile, barely respects the shapes and edges of things. “nature" here suggests a movement that attracts the gestural propensities of the artist. ...there are so many exciting passages-particularly in the several tomato plants in which form and movement are engaged as in the figures. Yektai continues to grow." S.T.
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Arts Magazine May 1961
"He is far and away the most ambitious and clever artist in this American constellation, and tricky as hell, but seriously involved in a brilliant attempt to reconcile the aesthetic "Oeuvre" with that of "Action"..." Annette Michelson
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Ring Des Arts 1961 v2
" is remarkable, that Yektai could determine a new figuration of the face- a new constellation of that expressive and closely grouped landscape in a century in which the head, above all, has endured infinitely many plastic translations.” Robert Pincus-Wittin
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Arts magazine September 1962
"It seems to me that his exhibition at Poindexter’s last spring was not sufficiently appreciated for the way it addressed itself to current problems or for the advance it marked in his own achievement. Five paintings in that exhibition- two nudes, and three fully clothed sitters- were remarkable for their handling of both physical and figurative materials.” Hilton Kramer
May 31 1998
“This 47-year painting overview does much to clarify the career...The exhibition demonstrates, for example, how the timely ideas he explored within the milieu of Abstract Expressionism served as roots for the gestural applications of thick pigment that have long been part of his work.” Phyllis Braff